Cessna Bird Dog L19 C O-1

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PapaDog in the colours of the South Vietnamese Airforce
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Cessna Bird Dog

The Cessna Bird Dog O-1 derived from the civilian Cessna 305A is a single-engined, lightweight, strut-braced, high-wing monoplane with a tailwheel landing gear.
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  • Cessna 305 C Bird Dog O-1
  • Serial No. 24550
  • Engine - Continental Motors Corp O-470-11
  • MTOW 1089kg
  • UK Register G-PDOG
  • US Air Force Registration GP 24550
  • Livery SVAF - South Vietnamese Air Force

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Papadog is a common sight at airshows and displays around the country.
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  • The Pilot

    Justin is the owner and pilot of this beautifully looked after example of a classic aircraft.

  • The Aircraft

    PapaDog in flight

  • Windows everywhere

    No wonder it was an excellent observation aircraft with "omniviews" giving both pilot and passenger all round visibility.